Diyaluma Falls Hike – 2. Highest Waterfall in Sri Lanka

Aerial View Diyaluma Falls

Standing at 220 meters, Diyaluma Falls claims the title of the second-highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. Our favorite activity in Ella was hiking to the top of this majestic waterfall. We recommend dedicating a full day for this unforgettable experience.

Start by viewing the waterfall from below, park your vehicle, and embark on the hike. Afterward, take a refreshing swim in the natural pools, capture pictures of the various waterfall levels, and enjoy a picnic under the trees.

This blog post will provide everything you need to know to hike to Diyaluma Falls in Sri Lanka.

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Where is Diyaluma Falls located?

Diyaluma Waterfall is located 1 to 1.5 hours from Ella. The foot of Diyaluma Falls and the entrance to the hiking trail are reachable by motorbike or tuk-tuk.

Diyaluma Falls on Map

Best time to visit Diyaluma Falls?

Sri Lanka has two distinct monsoon seasons: the southwest and the northeast monsoon, affecting different regions of the country.

The best time to hike up Diyaluma Falls near Ella is during the dry season in Southwest Sri Lanka, from December to March. Pleasant weather can also be found during the shoulder seasons in April to May and October to November, with fewer crowds.

Early mornings are always the best time for hikes, as temperatures are not at their highest, and the sun isn’t too strong. Plus, the earlier you arrive, the fewer people you will encounter.

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How to get to Diyaluma Falls?

Street to Diyaluma Falls
Diyaluma Falls Beneath

There are different ways to reach Diyaluma Falls. The route we took passes the bridge with the amazing waterfall view and goes through Koslanda Village. We highly recommend this 1.5-hour route.

First of all, drive to the Diyaluma Falls Bridge, located at the foot of the waterfall, where you have the best view of the falls from below. It takes approximately 1 hour from Ella by tuk-tuk or by motorbike.

After experiencing the show and taking pictures, pass the bridge and continue driving for 30 minutes. Upon arriving at the starting point of the hike to Diyaluma Falls, locals will tell you where you can park your vehicle.

Hike to the Top of Diyaluma Falls

Diyaluma Falls Jungle Trail
Diyaluma Falls Trail

From the parking place, it will take 30-40 minutes to reach the top of the waterfall. The trail goes through long grass and offers amazing views. There is no well-marked path, but you can download offline maps on or Google Maps.

When we visited, there was a stand asking for an entrance fee of 350 LKR (≈1€).

Swimming at Diyaluma Falls

Natural Pool at Diyaluma
Diyaluma Upper Cascade

When you arrive at the top of Diyaluma Falls, you will find many natural pools and different levels of waterfalls. The natural pools are perfect for jumping and swimming. It’s incredible what nature can create. You will have an amazing view from the pools, as they are located right at the edge of the 220-meter waterfall cliff.

If you walk a little further down, you can see the waterfall dropping from the side and the bridge where you stopped to view the waterfall from below. Be careful when venturing closer, and keep in mind that you already enjoyed the best view of the entire waterfall from the bridge. 🙂

If you walk up along the river, you will see many falls at different levels, also perfect for swimming. Bring food and water, as you can spend the entire day here. There are many shaded areas and opportunities to rest and have a picnic.

Best Tours for Diyaluma Falls

Booking a tour always ensures a stress-free experience, allowing you to fully enjoy the breathtaking sights without any worries. Here are the best tours for Diyaluma Falls.

This tour includes: Little Adam’s Peak, Diyaluma Falls, Nine Arches Bridge, Nil Diya Pokuna, Ella rock day tour, Lipton’s Seat (perfect if you have limited time).

Explore Sri Lanka’s second-highest waterfall, on a day tour from Ella, Bandarawela & Haputale.

Where to Stay near Diyaluma Falls?

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We recommend staying in the hilltop town of Ella and visiting Diyaluma Falls from there.

Best Hotels Near Diyaluma Falls

Another option is to stay near Diyaluma Falls for a more peaceful experience, arriving before the tours and leaving as the last one.

What to Bring for the Diyaluma Falls Hike?

We recommend bringing essentials such as water, snacks, sunscreen, and comfortable walking shoes with good grip. Don’t forget to bring mosquito repellent.

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Where to Go after Diyaluma Falls?

After visiting Diyaluma Falls, we recommend exploring more of the best things to do in Ella, such as the Nine Arch Bridge and the Little Adam’s Peak.


Aerial View Diyaluma Falls

Diyaluma Falls, standing at 220 meters, is Ella’s must-see gem. Hiking there for a day offers stunning views, natural pools for swimming and jumping, and picturesque waterfall levels with shaded picnic spots.

Enjoy your adventure and feel free to share your questions and experiences with us!

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