Hi there! We’re Niki & Timo, a Swiss-Italian travel couple with a deep love for travel, nature, and adventure.


In 2017, we started using every opportunity to travel and explore Europe together. Niki loved nature travel, Timo was into landscape photography – it was a perfect match!


In 2019, we went on a year-long adventure through Southeast Asia, visiting 8 different countries, before covid brought us home. 


Dreaming of more travel, we waited until 2023 when we started full-time traveling and spent a second year exploring Asia together. 


As we now slowtravel and explore the most incredible natural wonders on this planet, we offer here on our blog 100% free travel guides with all you need to plan trips to the very best destinations.


Join us on this incredible journey and explore the beauty of our world with us!

Niki and Timo from Travelnania at Seceda, Dolomites, Italy.
Niki and Timo on motorbike at Pantai Pasut Beach, Bali.


Niki portrait against green backdrop

I am the girl who always wants to go back to the sea, maybe because I grew up near it being Italian. Nature is my safe place, and traveling is my happy place. That’s why the combination fulfills all my wishes. I am also quite talkative, but luckily for me, Timo is a great listener.


Timo portrait against green backdrop

I am a swiss guy who likes to move. I have a passion for various sports, ranging from snowboarding to scuba diving. However, I must admit that my absolute favorite activity is eating. I am a true food enthusiast. Traveling provides me with the opportunity to explore new cuisines.