Heymondo vs SafetyWing Travel Insurance Comparison

HeyMondo vs SafetyWing

Choosing the right travel insurance is vital for any trip. In this comparison, we’ll outline the key differences between SafetyWing vs Heymondo, helping you make an informed decision based on your needs.

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Comparisson In A Nutshell

Advantages of HeyMondo and SafetyWing
HeyMondo and SafetyWing Commonalities

Pricing & Policy Options

Heymondo offers reasonable and competitive pricing with discounts and promotions available, varying based on coverage options and plan type. There are three plans: Single Trip, Annual Multi-trip, and Long Stay.

SafetyWing offers extremely affordable pricing. They have a flat-rate pricing and monthly subscription model with automatic and flexible renewals, which is particularly convenient for long-term travelers and travelers with changing plans. For a traveler up to 40 years old, nomad insurance costs 56 USD every 4 weeks. Prices increase with age.

Coverage Limits

Heymondo offers worldwide coverage of up to 10 million USD for medical expenses. The age limit is 69 years old for travel up to 29 days. For 30 days or more, the age limit is 49.

SafetyWing provides medical coverage up to 250,000 USD for accidents or sickness. However, it doesn’t cover certain countries like Belarus, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Syria, and Ukraine, and travelers aged more than 70 years.

Customer Support & Service

Both offer 24/7 emergency assistance and customer support via chat and email.

Heymondo provides extensive customer support through a 24/7 assistance app. The excellently rated app provides a fast and efficient claims process. Heymondo’s customer service is highly useful and accessible, with a 4.7 score on Trustpilot.

SafetyWing‘s 24/7 online customer service is simple to use with a straightforward claims process.

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HeyMondo Travel Insurance
SafetyWing Travel Insurance

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Things in Common

  • Both insurances offer medical coverage in emergencies such as sickness or accidents, medical transportation, and repatriation. In emergencies, they even cover emergency dental treatment. However, they differ in terms of the maximum coverage amount. 
  • Additionally, both offer travel coverage in case of travel delay, cancellation, interruption, disruption, lost checked baggage, and personal liability, but with varying reimbursement limits. 
  • Neither of them has a deductible. SafetyWing changed this recently. Therefore, you can enjoy maximum coverage without worrying about the deductible with both insurances. 
  • Both insurances exclude pre-existing or chronic illnesses, except for the initial emergency intervention, with an assistance limit. 
  • The two insurances cover anything related to COVID-19, treatment, and tests. 
  • Both offer very important optional add-ons: electronics equipment theft and adventure sport. Make sure to check for both insurances which sports are included and which are only included with the addon and the coverage limit of electronics theft. 
  • Heymondo and SafetyWing are available for purchase before departure or at any point during travel, with easy renewal options.

Unique Features & Benefits

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  • Extremely high coverage and many customization options.
  • No upfront payment for medical expenses.
  • Top-rated app with high efficiency of claims and direct chat with a doctor.
  • Covers various pregnancy-related issues.
  • Affordable monthly subscription-based price model.
  • Simplicity and flexibility in policy management.
  • Short-Term home country coverage: for every 90 days of coverage while traveling, you are covered for up to 30 days in your home country.
  • Covers one free child (till 10 years old) per adult without added cost, with a maximum of 2 free children per family.

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HeyMondo Travel Insurance
SafetyWing Travel Insurance

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In our opinion, Heymondo is better for travelers needing comprehensive coverage, customization options, and the best possible customer service. SafetyWing is better for budget-conscious travelers, long-term travelers, digital nomads, and families.

Whether it’s coverage, service, or budget, understanding the differences between SafetyWing and Heymondo can help you choose the perfect travel insurance for your travels. Enjoy your journey and stay safe.

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