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We love creating travel content for our blog, social media channels, and, most importantly, for memories. We know that having the right digital gear is crucial to capture your adventures. As beginners, we care about budget, space, and ease of handling. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essential equipment for beginner travel content creators to help you capture stunning content and share your experiences with the world.

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Best Travel Tools

1. Drone

Our favorite shots are drone shots, capturing nature from a bird’s eye view. We love the DJI Mini Series as they are budget-friendly, compact, light, and beginner-friendly.

Our recommendation: DJI Mini 4 Pro

2. Action Camera

We use our action cam 99% of the time underwater, but sometimes also for action sports, like motorbiking. We love GoPro Hero 12 because of their robustness, resolution, and size.

Our recommendation: GoPro Hero 12

3. Smartphone

Don’t underestimate the power of your smartphone camera. iPhones Pro Series have high-quality cameras to capture impressive photos and videos.

Our recommendation: iPhone 15 Pro

4. Camera

If you want to take high-resolution pictures and 4k videos with a more professional camera than your phone but still want something compact and easy to bring with you, we recommend the digital cameras of Canon.

Our recommendation: Canon G7 X Mark III

5. Tripod & Gimbal

Stability is key for creating professional-looking content. To capture steady shots on our phones, we use a tripod and a gimbal, both lightweight and compact.

Our tripod has a Bluetooth selfie trigger. And the gimbal not only gives us stable footage from every angle but also has an incredible following mode.

Our recommendations: Atumtek Tripod & Insta360 Flow

6. Memory Cards & External Storage

Choose Memory cards with high capacity (min. 128GB) for 4K video and high-resolution photography from trusted brands, like SanDisk.

To save your content while traveling, we use a portable external SSD, which doesn’t break down as easily as external hard drives. We recommend you double-save everything on another storage solution; a cloud is always a safe option, or an external hard drive that you keep at home.

7. Power Bank & Travel Adapter

Charging your digital gear worldwide and on the way, is essential. Stay powered up during your travels with a reliable travel adapter and a power bank. Our power bank can charge devices multiple times, ensuring never to miss a shot.

Our recommendations: Anker Powerbank & Travel Adapter

8. Gear Bag

Keep your gear organized and protected with a durable gear bag. We like solutions from with compartments for your digital gear and accessories.

Our recommendation: Tarion Gear Backpack

9. Laptop

We wanted a light laptop, always working fast and easy to use with our digital gear. Having iPhones, a MacBook was a clear choice.

Our recommendation: MacBook Air M1

10. Editing Softwares

Learning the basics of video and photo editing was so important for our content. For videos, we use the free app CapCut, and for our pictures, we use Lightroom and Photoshop.

Our recommendations: Lightroom & Photoshop

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