20 Ultimate Travel Companies to Plan your Next Trip

best travel companies

Ready to optimize your travel game? Discover the all-time travel tools that have made our trips possible. These are the 20 ultimate travel companies we use to plan all our trips.

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We book our accommodations with booking.com about 99% of the time. It has the largest collection of accommodations around the world, offering various options from Hostels, Hotels, to Guesthouses. We love the user-friendly features like map-searching, filters, and reviews. Plus, the more you use it, the better the deals get.


Agoda is highly popular in Asia. Sometimes, you’ll find even more accommodations here than on Booking. We’ve saved a lot by checking both Agoda and Booking, often finding a much better deal on one or the other.


Hostelworld is the best tool to find hostels worldwide, perfect for low-budget travelers.


Airbnb is the best tool to find entire private places like apartments and villas.


If you love animals, TrustedHouseSitters is a great option! You can stay in someone’s house for free, just by looking after their pet and watering their plants while they’re away.



We use Skyscanner to find and compare flights. You can discover the cheapest flights around the world by selecting your dates and destination. Additionally, it offers options like ‘whole month’ or ‘everywhere’, which are perfect if you’re flexible and looking for the best deals.


Airhelp helps passengers get compensation for flight troubles like delays or cancellations by guiding them through the claims process. They make sure travelers get what they’re entitled to under passenger rights.



We always find the best deals on Discovercars, along with the widest range of options. Plus there are no hidden fees when collecting your car.


It’s worth checking Rentalcars as well, just to ensure you’ve truly secured the best deal possible.


The 12go company offers a wide range of transportation options worldwide, including buses, trains, ferries, and private cars. They typically have cheaper deals compared to what local travel agencies charge.


After checking 12go, you should check Bookaway, especially if you didn’t find what you were looking for. It could have additional or different options.


Gettransfer is your choice when you want to prearrange a private transfer. It displays numerous offers from local drivers and transport services, making it perfect for a comfortable group transfer.



GetYourGuide is the best company for booking tours and experiences wherever you go. Booking them online gives you the possibility to compare the details, check the reviews, and even cancel for free.


Viator is the second company we use to book tours and attractions, offering the same great features of comparing, reviews, and free cancellations. Depending on your destination, there may be more options on either Get Your Guide or Viator. It’s always a good idea to check both.


Another excellent company for tours is Klook. Check it out if you didn’t find what you were looking for on GetYourGuide and Viator.


HeyMondo Insurance

HeyMondo is the best travel insurance with medical, travel, and electronic coverage.

SafetyWing Insurance

SafetyWing offers nomad insurance, providing peace of mind and coverage for unexpected events during your journeys.


Wise Credit Card

Wise is a prepaid multi-currency credit card perfect for traveling. You get the best deals when converting currencies all over the world, paying international bills, or receiving money from abroad; you can do it all on the go with a Wise account.


With a VPN, you can change your virtual location and access exclusive prices available only in specific countries. We have already saved a lot on flights and accommodations using a VPN. We highly recommend NordVPN.

Airalo SIM-card

Airalo is your go-to for affordable and convenient eSIMs, ensuring you stay connected seamlessly during your travels.

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