How to Book Cheap Flights to Anywhere – 8 Essential Tips

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The more you save on flights the more you can travel right? These 8 tips are easy to follow but will make a big difference. Find out now how to book cheap flights to anywhere.

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1. Surf in Private Mode

Prevent airlines from tracking your searches and increasing the prices of the flights you’re interested in. This point is easy, yet so many don’t do it.

2. Use Comparison Platforms

Compare flights from different airlines on various dates and find the cheapest option on Skyscanner. You can set the destination to “everywhere” and use flexible dates. Google Flights also has cool options, such as setting a price range and utilizing map tools.

3. Use a VPN

With a VPN, you can change your virtual location and access exclusive flight prices available in specific countries. We highly recommend using NordVPN.

4. Be Flexible

Be flexible about the destination, dates, and airport. The more flexible you are, the cheaper you can fly. Keep an open mind about new destinations and let the flight ticket market guide you to your next destination.

5. Book in Advance

Generally, the earlier you book your flights, the cheaper they will be. Try to book your flights at least 3-4 weeks in advance to get the best deals.

6. Consider Budget Airlines

Consider budget airlines like Air Asia, Wizz, Ryanair, and EasyJet. They often offer cheaper fares than traditional airlines.

7. Travel in the Off-Season

Traveling during the off-season can be significantly cheaper than traveling during peak season.

8. Consider a Stop-Over

Non-stop flights are more convenient but also more expensive. If you’re willing to take a layover, you might find significant savings on your ticket. Sometimes you can save a lot of money by staying 1-2 nights in the layover place and use the opportunity to do a city trip. 

We did that with Abu Dhabi when flying from Rome to Male and paid a total of 130 euros per person for both flights.


Follow these tips to save money and book cheap flights to anywhere and enjoy your travels without breaking the bank.

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